Recent Achievements


Smart India Hackathon 2022, "BME (Be My Eye Map)" is a groundbreaking app for the blind. It enables voice-based email communication and provides navigation assistance. Developed in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, this app empowers visually impaired individuals with seamless communication and enhanced mobility.

Graphics Design Course

Griffith University's online graphics design course offered a comprehensive education in visual communication and design principles. Completed from December 2020 to 2021, the course equipped students with software proficiency and practical design skills. The flexible online format allowed for self-paced learning, providing a solid foundation for a career in graphic design.

e-Quiz on Contemporary Physics

In August 2020, I participated in an "e-Quiz on Contemporary Physics," testing my knowledge of modern physics. The quiz covered topics like quantum mechanics, relativity, particle physics, and cosmology, providing an engaging online platform to assess our understanding.

Introduction to Packet Tracer

"Introduction to Packet Tracer" course in September 2021. This course provided practical skills in network modeling and analysis using Packet Tracer. I gained hands-on experience in creating, configuring, and troubleshooting networks, preparing for real-world scenarios. Mastery of Packet Tracer strengthened your computer networking abilities.

NDG Linux Unhatched course

I have completed the NDG Linux Unhatched course in the Cisco Networking Academy, gaining a solid introduction to the Linux command line. This course emphasizes the importance of Linux knowledge for IT professionals in today's technology landscape. By successfully completing the course, I understanding of Linux, a valuable skill for various industries. Congratulations on this achievement!

Methods of Exploring and Capturing values from Indian Agriculture and Health Sector

I attended the orientation on "Methods of Exploring and Capturing Values from Indian Agriculture and Health Sector" organized by the Ministry of Education Innovation Cell. This event aimed to provide insights into innovative approaches for these sectors. By participating, I gained valuable knowledge to drive innovation in Indian agriculture and health.