Hello, my name is

Gurdeep Singh

I am Web Developer

From Greater Noida, India. I have rich experience in web design, also I am good in PHP Developement.

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Web Developer

What I Do

my Services
Web Development
Full Stact Developement
Full-stack PHP developer crafting seamless websites with front-end finesse and back-end robustness. Expert in logo integration for impactful and consistent brand identity through code.
Graphics Design
Poster & Illustrations
Crafting compelling visuals and narratives, I specialize in poster and illustration design, detailing the creative process from concept to final release. Known for delivering unique and engaging designs tailored for diverse projects.
Apps Development
Android app
Design Software applications to run on mobile devices. Modern and mobile-ready application that will help you reach all of your marketing.
Cloud Management
Server Management (VPS/cloud)
Discover my expertise in managing diverse VPS panels like aaPanel, WHM, cPanel, Plex, and more. With proficiency in leading cloud services Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, AWS, and Azure, I bring tailored solutions for optimal performance and security. Explore advanced technologies like BigQuery and Cloud IoT APIs, ensuring your cloud infrastructure is seamlessly managed and equipped for success.

Professional Skills

my Talent

PHP developer proficient in crafting dynamic and scalable web solutions. Expertise in building robust applications, optimizing performance, and ensuring seamless functionality.


Python aficionado with a knack for developing efficient and versatile software solutions. Expertise in leveraging Python's power for automation, data analysis, and web development


JavaScript developer adept at creating interactive and responsive web applications. Proficient in harnessing the latest frameworks to deliver seamless user experiences.


React developer specializing in crafting dynamic and user-friendly interfaces. Proficient in leveraging React's component-based architecture to build scalable and performant web applications


graphic designer proficient in both Photoshop and Illustrator. Adept at translating creative visions into visually stunning designs, whether through intricate illustrations or polished image manipulations.

Video Editing

Creative video editor with a flair for storytelling and a keen eye for detail. Proficient in transforming raw footage into engaging narratives, applying visual effects, and ensuring a polished final product.

My Skills


my Cases
U We Can-Bringing Smiles Foundation Trust

Empower the NGO's mission with a transparent, user-friendly platform for managing assets, securing donations, and spotlighting impactful projects. Expand the reach and inspire positive change through a dynamic digital presence.

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Buggati Illustration

A captivating car illustration crafted in Photoshop, blending sleek lines and vibrant colors, showcasing a perfect fusion of artistry and automotive design. This dynamic creation captures the essence of speed and style with meticulous attention to detail.

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Pushpa Front-End-Concept

Explore limitless design possibilities with our responsive Bootstrap v5 layout. Perfect for new projects or revamps, it ensures seamless and stunning experiences across devices, allowing you to navigate the dynamic digital landscape effortlessly.

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my Story
Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science (Honors)
Galgotias University
2019 - 2023

Recipient of a Bachelor's in Computer Science from Galgotias University with a stellar academic record, achieving 80% marks. Join me on this digital space to discover my proficiency and dedication in the field of technology.

Senior secondary education
Govt INT Coll Meerut
2018 - 2019

Successfully completed Senior Secondary education with 87% achieved.

Secondary education
T.R.M Public School, Modinagar
2014 - 2015

Embarked on my educational journey at T.R.M Public School with unwavering determination, overcoming challenges to establish a strong foundation. Explore the initial chapters of my academic experience in the Secondary education.

Web Developer
Edyyo Digital Solution
2023 - Present

At Edyyo Digital Solutions, I contributed to innovative website development, application design, and digital marketing, seamlessly integrating technology and creativity for enhanced brand presence.

Graphics Designer
Digital Janwar
Jun 2023 - Nov 2023

At Digital Janwar Company, I contributed to digital marketing and company management, playing a key role in enhancing the brand's online presence and overall operations.

Web Developer
Avlin Studios
2022 - 2023

At Avlin Studios, I served as a Web Developer, contributing to the company's digital marketing initiatives and leveraging my skills to enhance online presence and user experiences.


Latest Project

my Side Projects
Web Server to NodeMCU Screen

I created a sleek Tailwind CSS frontend with a robust PHP backend, integrating a REST API to seamlessly control a NodeMCU OLED screen and LED bulb, providing users with an intuitive interface for dynamic interaction and efficient device management.

Latest Project

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